Leading not Following

In a world where so many people are led by new ideas and new ways of doing things there still is the need to lead people to Christ and that will never change. New things can trip you up and if you follow those things you will be led astray. So lead, not follow and become the vessel in which Christ can use in a lonely broken world where people agree with what is wrong.

                  Stand for what is right!    

                 Stand for truth! 

I have seen many people including pastors follow their own agenda, building the church, seeking to increase numbers and leading people astray with their philosophies and because of this many fall to false teaching and will be led to their destruction. Then you as a leader must set an example to others to stand up and not follow what your conscious says is wrong. Follow Christ, the gospel teachings and all that is hidden will become exposed for you.

Ask for wisdom, pray for strength to shield against what will come your way.

Lead with your right handUnknown-1.jpeg as you extend your left hand to all who don’t know Christ. Set yourself apart and stand strong, leaders are not followers!



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Hope When There Is No Hope

always Hope!

God's Simple Kindness

Have you been struggling with many different circumstances that you just have no answer for. Well you are not alone in this, there is hope when you think there is no hope.

God sees your heart and knows what is going on so don’t worry about what isn’t or is happening, allow Him to guide you through the darkest of days.

There is hope that tomorrow will be a s better day for you. What you are going through will not last.

We can only see what our eyes tell us, but it is what is unseen that we hope for and as we pray and have faith that God will show you the way, it is then that we can find the solution to what is wrong. When you are finding such things are happening to you, maybe it’s time to step back and wait for God to show…

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Jesus calls us all to maturity. I’m not there but I am committed to learn. 

This is the truth!

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

I am a disciple and student of Jesus. Students have tests to take. God will thoroughly test me. I want to know if I am qualified to be trusted with the good news message.

I am not after man’s approval. That is useless to me. I am after God’s approval. That is all that is important.

I’ve been through a bunch of tests already. The message is being refined. My mixed motives are being driven out. The hidden agendas are being eliminated. I’m moving onward and upward in the discipleship program.

 Jesus calls us all to maturity. I’m not there but I am committed to learn. 

It isn’t useful to use words to try to butter up people. Jesus is the Truth and I must proclaim Him as such. That makes some people angry.

My goal from God is to not use smoke screens. That is done to take advantage…

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Making Difficult Decisions

Have there been times in your life when making a decision was really difficult?

Plenty of times!

There are some ways to help you understand that not all decisions are right on target.If you have to pick a school or work that offers everything you need but may be out of reach financially, do you take that leap of faith to test the waters?

Difficult to say…..

What if you made a decision already and there’s just something about it that makes you feel uneasy? Do you let it play out or take the other road and turn back?

Tough Decision…..

What happens when you are offered an opportunity and you say “yes” or “no” but then later have regrets because you didn’t think it all the way through.


These are things that happen to us all, but life is like that, God gives us opportunities to embrace our life and learn from how we make decisions. Recently I have learned is that after making a decision I feel peace about it, God has given me a great tool to understand that not everything I pursue is going to work out ( and I have pursued a lot of different things throughout my life). I believe God leads you to calm waters when your decisions are in line with His will. But if you start doing something that’s in left field, the Holy Spirit will guides you back, although your will can at times fight against the will of God until you learn that God’s way is better than your way. Thank Him for that!

Many great and historical men and women have made life changing history through prayer and waiting to be lead. Praying before you make difficult decisions will help you make them with a knowing that God will bring that choice to you even if it’s a difficult one to an end that will help you understand your situation and it’s outcome.   

     Proverbs 16:9 In their hearts humans plan their course,

    but the Lord establishes their steps.

 In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prayed in distress over the suffering He was going to go through, to be a sacrifice for us all, on that cross. That decision made a difference in our eternity and where we will spend it. Jesus knew that decision was for you, that his suffering would be temporary but the blood would cover a multitude of sins.

My prayer for you today is that you would commit your life to Jesus. 

                   He can and will turn your life around.

James 4:14 

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

This life will come and go like the wind but to have a relationship with Jesus, 

                                            that’s an eternal decision. 

Shalom, Nancy


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Spiritual Fitness

reblogging Spiritual Fitness

God's Simple Kindness

If you haven’t been watching the Olympics you are missing out on seeing the amazing physical endurance of these athletes from around the world, they train for years to get an opportunity to compete with the best of the best.

They endure pain and suffering, intense workouts and failures as well as triumphs through out their training. No one really knows the preparation that goes behind the process of standing strong in that struggle.

The same goes for us. We endure many trials and some do strength training in the gym or on the job as well as in our relationships and with people we don’t know. We can prepare for what may happen but we can never know the outcome, just like the many athletes in the games.

But, the most important overall is not just the physical training, but the spiritual training and many people neglect to even…

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Put It Through The Strain Test

thought I would send it out one more time!

God's Simple Kindness

Have you ever read something that was very enticing and then later realized it was not true?

~Have you ever watched a speaker and thought, yea that’s the way I feel and later realize that the purpose of the speaker was to lure you into their book buying, agenda and following?

~Have you ever read a fact that was true then someone put their own “take on it” and make it seem true?

This is all called misleading. When someone or something takes your full attention away from God or the Bible and then that becomes your truth, which is not God’s, and you are mislead and taken away from truly knowing God.

Yes, some will even go to the Bible, point you to scriptures making them palatable, then twist it to their own teaching to entice you to want even more.

1 Peter 2:1 

But there were…

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Learning to Let God

Simple message Trust God


Let Go & Let God love

I used to worry a lot.I still do sometimes.I am afraid of not achieving my dreams .Sometimes I ask myself “What if in the next five years nothing really changes in my life or what if I never really get to achieve my dreams”.When times are tough and not going our way ,we find it very difficult to trust God.This is because we hold on tightly to things that we think are good for us and therefore when they don’t go our way we become hopeless.When things go in a way that I had not expected or planned in my mind, I tend to get really worried because I don’t want to fail.However,the more I get to understand about trusting God ,I realize that I spend so much time worrying about things that I shouldn’t worry about.I realize that I should Let God.I should Let God work for me.


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