That’s His Story, This Is His Hope

This is so encouraging read please!


He had a headache, not bad, just one Tylenol bad.  It didn’t stop, so he took two and went to bed.  He felt funny the next morning, but did his regular thing.  That afternoon he had another headache and grabbed a bottle of Ibuprofen and took 4.  He still didn’t feel very well and thought he was coming down with something.

The next morning, he still felt strange, but went to work anyway.  About 2:00 PM he had

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God Is Moving Mountains

Just writing about God gives us such freedom in Christ. I haven’t read a post yet that wasn’t driven to lead us to Christ and His glory

Some days when I post on -I am inspired to see the many writers that will “like” my post, at that point  I often jump onto their wordpress site and see what they are writing and I get more motivated to hear the encouraging words of my fellow Jesus followers and motivated to want to read more of what the Holy Spirit is doing in their hearts and minds!

God is Moving Mountains for us, we must all continue to inspire eachother in this walk.